Baccarat - Gambling in Vegas and Online

Published September 15, 2012

Gambling revenue up $597.5 million thanks to Baccarat play.

Baccarat has been traced back to the year 1490 and has gained in popularity since that time. So much so that in July, the Las Vegas Strip reported a significant increase in revenue, up to $190 million in Baccarat gambling compared to the same time last year. Baccarat has traditionally been played at Las Vegas casinos but can also be found, and is a very popular game at online casinos.

Where to play baccarat?

Baccarat can now be found at numerous online casinos, and is a popular game for such online casinos as William Hill, Bet365, or Jackpot City. Baccarat is extremely attractive, especially for high-rollers due to a number of reasons - the house edge is very small, the house cannot change the run of cards once a shoe has been shuffled because the cards will be dealt until the end of the shoe, and it is possible to win millions of dollars in a single trip to the casino.

Currently, online casinos are not receiving bets for $100,000 per hand like the Vegas Strip has seen over the last few months, but online casinos like Bet365 increase table bets according to VIP status, so with continued play Baccarat can become increasingly profitable. Online casinos offer Baccarat and deliver with true Vegas-feel, if you haven't tried the game yet just visit Online Casino Reports and choose one of the Top 10 Online Casinos for your chance to win big.

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