Lotto Elite

The official affiliate program for Wintrillions and Congalotto. offers CPA and revenue share deals.

Participating Brands

Anyone with a website can promote lotteries, with the tools provided by Lotto Elite, as its products - lotteries - have perhaps the widest appeal of any and are quite profitable as well.

Lotto Elite awards webmasters a commission for every purchase made by a referred customer. Webmasters can choose the sales program to join on the LottoElite site, choosing between: Revenue Share (RevShare) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Trillonario and CongaLotto are the two online lotteries that Lotto Elite is the affiliate program and contact for all matters concerning promoting.

Contact Lotto Elite today and start promoting their lotteries online. Banners, iFrames, whitelabel skins and more promotional tools await you at Lotto

How does it work?

Lotto Elite will provide you with a number of banners which can be placed on your website with a unique code for your site. So whenever anyone viewing your site clicks on one of these advertisement banners, LottoElite registers the click and your code and you have made your commission.

Sounds like an easy day's work really and the best bit is that there is no fee whatsoever to join the affiliate program.

RevShare vs CPA

As we mentioned, you will receive a commission for every lottery ticket purchase made by a customer who was referred by you. The amount of your commission will depend upon which sales program you select and there are two: Revenue Share (RevShare) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). If you prefer an initial high commission, then you should probably select the CPA model but we suggest that you take a closer look at the fine print before making a final decision.

Online lotteries

Lotto Elite promotes two official lottery sites: and In fact, LottoElite is the only lotteries' affiliate program offering more than one site from which you can choose to promote. The same reputable selection of the world's biggest and richest lotteries is available at both of these sites.

However, lottery players may find one more convenient than the other based on their personal preference. At Conga Lotto, for example, players can purchase tickets per draw whereas at Wintrillions, players must purchase monthly subscriptions.

Adaptive to your site

An attractive feature of LottoElite is its flexibility. For instance, you can choose amongst various lottery sites for you to promote - meaning that you can select one that is most suitable to the traffic to your website.

You're in control

LottoElite empowers its customers with the ability to access a comprehensive stats system so that you can view all your account information and detailed reports. For instance, at the click of a button you can see all the transactions and commissions you have generated over a particular period of time.

Payment methods

When you are ready to collect your commission, there are various payment methods including check, epassporte, direct deposit on your bank account, or Western Union.

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