Casino Interview: BETAT Casino

Published February 1, 2013 by OCR Editor

Casino Interview: BETAT Casino

BET-AT.EU Casino representative answers our questions about his brand.

1. You have recently switched to the Microgaming casino platform. How have existing players experience the transition? Do you offer games from providers other than Microgaming? If so, what games and which game providers?

The decision to switch BET-AT.EU Casino to Microgaming was actually a "No Brainer" decision for us. The software has a history of game leadership and they know what they are doing, which is something that players welcomed. During the transition we were actually running both platforms but what we have seen is in fact a rapid player transition to MGS games. What it did do, beyond our expectations, is increase the number of daily sign-ups and the way affiliates and gaming communities look at our portal. The combination of our strong customer focused retention team and the above exercise has kept a substantial number of existing players loyal to our casino for these first 6 months that Microgaming is in operation. In conjunction with MGS, we offer Sheriff, NextGen, NYX, BigTime Gaming and a number of additional provider content.

2. Online gambling is expected to continue its trend from last year and expand to new countries, which naturally raises the issue of localization. What do you have in store for the different needs of players in different countries? (Payment methods, local currency support, different bonuses for players from different countries, etc.)

The timing for this question is perfect. While the advent of the internet has turned us into a global village, the issue of localization will always be an important one for every single operator. Players want to feel appreciated. They want to know the operator recognizes their individuality, their different mentality, their traditions and the way they perceive the world around them. Allowing players to deposit using their local currency is one thing we believe is a MUST for every localization exercise. Popular payment methods have to be taken into account. A localized landing page can also do the trick. Lastly but not least, providing a bonus package specifically designed to accommodate local gameplay patterns can have a great impact on the decision making process of players.

3. Regulations are constantly changing around the world and will continue to do so in the coming year. Some brands prefer to work globally and accept players from anywhere in the world, while others target countries specifically, complete with attaining licenses to operate in different jurisdictions. What is your approach and what licenses do you most covet in 2013?

Players and operators alike are constantly pressured to adhere to all sorts of rules and regulations. Our approach is a simple one. We follow the law and play by the book. We don't accept US players or player in any regulated marked we do not hold license to, however we do openly operate in unregulated and 'grey' areas. We have a keen eye on Italy and Denmark licenses for the upcoming year.

4. Withdrawals is one of the main concerns of players, but new and long-time casino customers. Players may occasionally wish to withdraw their winnings, or even leave the casino with their deserving funds. How do you manage this? Is there any bureaucracy that slows matters to the point that players must wait for their funds?

In my eyes, this is an issue that can make or break a relationship between a player and an operator. No matter how satisfying the gaming experience of a player is, the withdrawal process is a delicate matter that should be taken seriously. While all operators have to adhere to regulations governing the withdrawal process (account/document verification), the process thereafter is entirely to the operators discretion. Some take days while others take weeks.

For the past 3 months we have been promoting fast payouts, which we refer to as "4 Hour Payouts". I'm happy to say we have achieved this goal beyond our wildest expectations. How does a withdrawal time of 40 seconds sound? Where is the will there is always a way! To achieve this we have put in place a procedure where the moment we receive the documents and these have been verified, the funds get released immediately. And because documents are only needed once, all other withdrawals are done instantly. I would even suggest to players to send their documents immediately upon registration so the process will be even faster. We even entice this by offer a verification bonus for players that act early on to ensure easier withdrawals later on.

5. Special care is required when it comes to bonuses, both in the casino's transparency and its exactness in calculations. How does your platform manage this issue?

Transparency and safety is something all players demand. It gives them the peace of mind to enjoy their gaming experience without having to worry if an operator is rogue and is taking advantage of their hard earned cash. At BET-AT.EU Casino we have put in place something unique that players really must experience to fully understand the true definition of transparency. We have created two unique real-time panels which accompanies the players while playing their favorite games. Receiving a bonus at BET-AT.EU is a wholesomely different experience to receiving one elsewhere. Not only can players assess their progress in converting bonus to real funds, but they can even choose which bonus they want to wager towards in the event of accepting more than one without the necessity to forfeit any of them. We do this for promotion progress as well as their real-time RTP % too. The second panel is our unique RTP panel where allows players can to observe, in real-time, the returns on their gameplay.

6. What can you tell readers who are considering signing up to your casino but not sure yet?

We are a casino that is growing rapidly offering some amazing bonus packages that are hard to be found elsewhere and with a strong customer focused retention team in place. Both our Director and the Casino manager engage with players on daily basis to ensure customer service is led by example. You don't find this kind of approach often. Players can rest assured that bonus surprises will be waiting in their account on a daily basis to complement their custom. We guarantee 4 Hour Payouts to verified players and our customer service team is always ready to go the extra step to assist players. I don't believe players will have experienced a service like this before. The saying that "every player is treated like a VIP at BET-AT.EU Casino" is a true statement and one my team and I strive to sustain on a daily basis.



7. And lastly what can you wish for the new year?

One thing I'm really keen on is for our IT guys to push through our second product and can't wait for it to 'hit the browser screens'. We're working on increased payout levels on all games players are accustomed to by giving back a lion's share of their bets with every hand. It sounds too good to be true, I know, but we're quite far in our development and expect it to be live be end of Q1. I'm very excited about that.

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