All Players Benefit From 30% Cashback Rewards

Published May 20, 2013 by OCR Editor

All Players Benefit From 30% Cashback Rewards

WinTingo provides players with one of the best gambling environments available online.

WinTingo players can all enjoy up to 30% cashback on all real money deposits made. This can add a massive amount of added value and playing time onto the player's gaming session.
Players have come to expect quite a bit of fine print and red tape when offered valuable benefits in regular casinos - not WinTingo 30% cashback offer. Players can rest easy knowing that they will never be bothered with any wagering requirements or gaming restrictions at WinTingo. The 30% cashback reward is guaranteed on every deposit made with WinTingo and the reward is unlimited, i.e. there is no predetermined maximum value.

How the Cashpay Rewards system works

The percentage cashback rewarded to the player will depend on the value of the real money deposit made. Players can earn anything between twenty and thirty percent cashback when betting with WinTingo:
• All real money deposits made with a value of less than one hundred credits will be rewarded with a 20 % cashback reward. For example, a deposit of $€£60 will earn $€£2 cashback and a deposit of $€£300 will earn $€£10 cashback.
• If a deposit with a value of one hundred credits of more but less than two hundred credits is made then the player will be rewarded with a 25% cashback. For example, a $€£100 deposit will earn $€£25 cashback at WinTingo.
• All real money deposits with a value of two hundred credits or more will benefit from the full 30% cashback reward. For example, a deposit of $€£200 will earn $€£60 cashback.

Important Information about The 30% Cashback Promo

The 30% cashback promotion on offer at WinTingo is called Cashpay Rewards. The Cashpay Rewards system will apply to ALL real money deposits made with WinTingo provided that a minimum deposit of $€£10 is made. Players will automatically benefit from this rewards system and they do not have to apply for it.

The Cashpay Reward has absolutely no maximum value. This means that players can essentially benefit from an unlimited amount of cashback rewards during any given period of time. Cashpay Rewards are directly proportional to the amount of real money deposited by the player, i.e. the more money you deposit; the more cashback you'll receive. The smallest cashback reward on offer is worth $€£2 and will be earned by a player who deposits or wagers $€£60.

The WinTingo 30% cashback rewards promotion is one of the most transparent and hassle-free promotions available to online gamblers today. Players do not need to worry about overly complicated or hidden terms and conditions, any betting requirements or any transparent strings attached. They are free to withdraw immediately & without hassle.

Another excellent perk would have to be the fact that the cashback reward is loaded instantly and in real time to the player's account. This 20-30% cashback reward can then immediately be used as real money.

Other Terms That Apply

Of course, there are some terms that will apply to the WinTingo 30% cashback rewards system. However, WinTingo has gone to great lengths to make sure these terms are reasonable, straightforward and completely transparent.

1. All players will automatically qualify for and benefit from the 30% cashback rewards from second real money deposit onwards. The first real money deposit is the only deposit that will not qualify for this reward.

2. All cashback earnings can be used in any way the player sees fit from the second they earn them. Players can choose to gamble with the cashback rewards or request a withdrawal at any point.

3. WinTingo only allows one real money account for every household. If more than one real money account exists for a particular household then they cannot qualify for the cashback promotion.

4. Lastly, WinTingo management reserve the right to cancel this 30% cashback promotion at their discretion.

The 30% cashback rewards system is a very unique online gambling rewards program. WinTingo is the very first Microgaming online casino to give players the chance to benefit from such a freely available, transparent, value-packed bonus that is not subject to any wagering requirements whatsoever.

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