Are Customizable Offers the Future of Online Casino Promotions?

Published March 18, 2017 by Mike P

Are Customizable Offers the Future of Online Casino Promotions?

As online casinos strive to innovate, customizable bonuses which are built by the players themselves are beginning to pop up. The latest offer from Oshi Casino is a good example.

In the beginning, online casino offers enabled player to make deposits and receive extra funds to enhance their initial stake. And this has continued into the present, but along the way casino sites have also started to offer no deposit deals, free spins, and loyalty rewards. More recently, though, there has been a greater expression of creativity in casino offers.

One of the more engaging approaches has been gamification, whereby gaming elements are integrated to enhance offers. This can entail anything from creating avatars and completing missions to playing side-games and unlocking new features through gameplay. One of the newest innovations to hit the market has been Oshi Casino’s Build my Bonus™ feature.

Gamification is a philosophy that has broadly enabled casino sites to give their players more choices in exploring what matters to them most. In the case of Build my Bonus™, this is designed to let players adjust their welcome offer to include the combination of deposit funds and free spins that best fits with their gaming approach.

Custom Offers

At the start of the process, players have the option to select their preferred currency, with Bitcoin even on the table. The next step will see players presented with a slider where the bonus percentage is displayed on the left and the free spins are on the right. From a functional standpoint, each side of the slider represents an extreme.

Potentially, players can receive a 150% deposit offer and no free spins, or else 500 free spins and a 0% deposit offer (figures accurate at time of publication). Alternatively, there are numerous places in between both sides, such as a 78% deposit offer and 234 free spins. As players adjust the slider, they will see instant changes made to the values, including the total amount of funds that can be claimed.

Unique Deposit Code

After players have customised their welcome offer, Oshi Casino will then display a unique code that will be required to unlock the offer upon depositing. Players can easily copy the code before using it whenever they end up visiting the cashier. When receiving the code, players will also be made aware of the minimum deposit required to unlock the funds and spins.

Traditionally, there has been an element of recycling when it comes to casino offers, so this is an initiative that could appeal to players. If Build my Bonus™ gains traction, then the marketplace could see other iGaming brands attempting to replicate its success by giving more choice to players.

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