Bonuses for Everybody at Casino

Published February 11, 2012 by OCR Editor

Bonuses for Everybody at Casino

Casino allows you to customize your own bonus package.

Some bonuses are better than others, some extremely generous, others carry wagering requirements that you find convenient. Only at Casino, however, you can pick your own bonus, as you like.

Bonus Packages has redesigned its bonuses to make it simple for the players to understand what specific bonuses would generally suit the style of play of the player. For example, beginner players benefit from favorable deposit matches that take into consideration the particularly low bankroll, with deposit matches to suit.

Further customization of the bonus package is possible, and is where things get really interesting.

Start Small, Continue Big

Players who choose to start with a minimum deposit of, say $20, can claim the matching bonus and yet claim bigger bonuses with later, higher deposits. In other words, you do not commit to a standard bonus, but rather the casino commits to you and any style of play you wish to adopt.

Try out the casino with the basic starter first deposit bonus. You will still be able to later select the platinum welcome for maximum bankroll and a slot lover monthly in case you plan to remain exclusively on slots.

Personalized Experience

The keys are in your hand to choose from a full array of bonus options, that bonus which fits your individual style.

A bonus panel will appear on the right hand side of the casino, in every game you play. The bonus panel provides the player with an in-depth analysis of his or her currently applicable bonuses, allowing them to:

  • View the wagering requirements to trigger bonuses,
  • Keep tabs of bonus time limits, and
  • Select which bonus to wager towards.

This feature cannot be found in any other online casino, for the simple reason that it is available only at Casino.

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