Casino Rewards Online Casino Affiliate Program

Published April 27, 2005 by OCR Editor

Casino Rewards Online Casino Affiliate Program

What makes this online casino affiliate program so special is their incredibly lucrative affiliate system, allowing some of their affiliates to make over $50,000 a month. Using Casino Rewards software, you can advertise all of their sponsored online casin

Casino Rewards is one of the few affiliate programs that actually gives you the option to choose a billing method that you deem as the most desirable, so that you can maximize your earning potential while promoting their online casino websites.

Basically, you can choose from three very profitable billing methods. The first one is 10 cents per click, and it offers you the option of collecting 10 cents every time that someone clicks on a promotional banner located in your site and subsequently gets directed to one of their websites. The second method allows you to collect $50 for every referral who signs up and ends up depositing $100 or more in one of their online casinos. The third method earns you 35% of the revenues generated by the people you have referred.

Most of the online casino affiliate programs require that your referrals lose $30,000 before they give you such a large share of the profits. However, Casino Rewards does not implement this approach when it comes to rewarding their affiliates. Participating in this affiliate program entitles you to a full 35% of the revenues your referrals have generated, regardless of the amount.

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