Cyber Attacks Stop Multi-Million Dollar Poker Tournament

Published December 17, 2014 by Sol FH

Cyber Attacks Stop Multi-Million Dollar Poker Tournament

The Biggest Poker Tournament since Black Friday cancelled after just 4.5 hours due to possible cyber attack.

The idea was to host the biggest Poker tournament since Black Friday with a multi-million dollar prize pool, which was open to Americans, but for now, it will remain only an idea. Winning Poker Tournament (WPN) was forced to cancel their latest tournament a short time prior to closing the late registration, leaving the 1,937 participants with nothing except a full refund and a vague message the player's tables. 

The ultimate cancellation of WPN's huge tournament came, following two other stoppages due to cyber-attacks, and one can only assume it was the work of hackers which struck yet again. There were a number of other events scheduled for the same day but many more were cancelled to ensure the record-breaking WPN tournament would run smoothly. No one expected the cyber-attacks to shut the day down, but Winning Poker made a good call by stopping the action before any damage was really done.

Rescheduled for February

The tournament lobby states that the event is rescheduled for the 22nd of February but this could be a glitch in the system. Until WPN is able to reassure to players that they are safe and the online poker games are secure, they might not have the same success come February, but fingers are crossed for it to go down without a hitch.

Cyber Attacks

The attackers hit WPN by using DDoS attacks, which causes major disruptions, unplayable games and unstable play. The CEO of WPN, has recently made a press release stating that due to the issues that a number of players suffered during the first 4.5 hours of play, he had no choice but to make refunds and to reschedule.   

This is not the first time a poker tournament has been cancelled. WPN will make security updates to ensure the next round goes off without a hitch.

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