Get Tickets for Spanish Christmas Lottery 2012

Published December 1, 2012 by OCR Editor

Get Tickets for Spanish Christmas Lottery 2012

World's Biggest Lottery tickets go on sale December 2.

Each and every year, for the last 200 years at Christmas time, Spain has hosted the 'Lotería de Navidad' or the Spanish Christmas Lottery. Locally known as El Gordo Navidad Christmas Draw, over 98% of all Spanish adults enter the annual draw to try and win the €2.52 billion in prizes up for grabs. There are over 15,000 ways to win on each ticket sold and the festivities usually last over 3 hours, until all prizes have been given out. With so many winning combinations on each ticket, this year over 27.4 million share holders will collect prizes.

How it Works

When you purchase your ticket, unlike other lotteries you do not pick your own lucky numbers. This works more like a raffle and players are assigned tickets with pre-selected numbers. There are only 100,000 tickets printed, each with 180 copies, each copy has 10 shares. That totals a whopping 180 Million shares. The night of the lottery draw, balls are selected from a barrel, each containing a 5 digit number. Once the ball is chosen, the prize is selected from another barrel, and children from San Ildefonso School, the oldest school in Madrid sing out the numbers adding to the festiveness. If you can't make it to the draw, it plays live on TV.

Is there actually a chance to win?

This lottery holds unparalleled odds beginning at 1:7 for the biggest prize pool of €2.52 billion, and the top prize is €4 million with an unbelievable 1:100,000 chance of winning the jackpot. If you own all 10 shares, the top prize is all yours. Last year, the entire Spanish town of Grañén found themselves big in the money taking home the top prize worth €720 million. That would fix those old streets in no time.

Where can you buy tickets?

If you thought that only residents of Spain were eligible for this lottery, guess again. There are a few online lottery ticket agents selling tickets to this lottery but not one with the reputation for quality and customer care like TheLotter. Just go onto TheLotter's website beginning from December 2, search for the Spanish Christmas Lottery and count down the days till El Gordo Navidad on December 22nd. If you win, Christmas shopping just might be a little more interesting

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