Great Sprint Cashback bonus

Published October 6, 2012 by OCR Editor

Great Sprint Cashback bonus

bet365 Poker's cashback bonus for Sprint Hold 'em.

If white knuckle rides and high speed car chases are your thing, then your sure you be excited by bet365 Pokers Sprint Poker. Sprint Poker is a fast paced, high action card game, for those who like to live life in the fast lane! Sprint Poker differentiates itself from other Poker games you are used to because the action in Sprint Poker just doesn't stop, there is no time wasting in between rounds or when a new player joins a table. Everyone is constantly moving, tables don't have fixed numbers of seats and there are larger pools of players. If you fold then you are soon joined by a new set of players to start a new hand, no waiting!

bet365 Poker Hold'em

At Bet365 Poker they are offering Spring Hold 'em, and the opportunity to win a great Sprint Cashback bonus. All you need to do to qualify for $50 cashback each week is to earn Merit Points in Sprint, that's $5 for every Merit Point earned. 

Fed up of waiting?

Poker is an exciting game but waiting in between hands, or waiting for indecisive players to play can be extremely frustrating can take the intensity away from the game. If you like quick action, then Sprint Hold 'em is definitely the game for you. It's not just a game of skill, it's also a game of speed! 

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