Japan May Welcome Online Casino Industry

Published May 7, 2006 by OCR Editor

Japan May Welcome Online Casino Industry

Much has been written about the increase in online gambling amongst the Asian nations. However, the policies on the matter differ radically, none more so than China's and Japan's.

While the Chinese government remains committed to stamping out online gambling in China, a recent campaign to legalize both land based casinos and online firms in Japan is underway and supported by the country's ruling Liberal Democratic Party. This could lead the way for a change in policy in Japan and possibly even throughout other parts of Asia.

A subcommittee operating under the committee on tourism has recommended that legalizing online gambling in Japan would boost the country's economy. Taxation is one area that appeals to the government and should be a focal point in the subcommittee's report. A full interpretation of gambling is also necessary to encompass gaming at sites and at live gaming venues. The committee is expected to hold discussions on the future of online gaming in the country with several government departments. Gambling operators may also be asked to join future talks.

However, social action groups in Japan have expressed concern about the potential influx of online gaming in the country. Fears that online gambling could negatively affect the country's youth have prompted widespread protests from charitable organizations and gambling awareness groups. In response, the government has reassured protesters that their opinions and concerns will be taken into consideration prior to any decision on the future of online gambling being made.

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