Lightning Fast Pay-outs at BET-AT.EU Casino

Published December 18, 2012 by OCR Editor

Lightning Fast Pay-outs at BET-AT.EU Casino

Cash out winnings in 4 hours or less.

The event that started this article was an €8,000 pay out that was pushed out in record time - in less than 60 seconds.

Players do not play to lose. It's a simple truth of a players experience - we play to win. And when we do win, we like to see the 'instant deposit' approach gaming operators adopt, applied to our withdrawals. There comes a time when a player experiences a win, whether big or small, and at that point we want to have access to our 'hard-earned' cash as fast as humanly possible.

So can this be done as fast and efficient as deposits are taken away from us? In a word, yes.

Instant Cashouts

There are no technical, operational or otherwise, restrictions that would prevent an operator to cash out our money instantly - or almost instantly. Yet it happens. One of the most frustrating issues players encounter is the delay of receiving their winning funds. In many cases, online casinos have in place a 48 hour processing period whereas some casinos can take up to 7 days, excluding the rogue "no-pay" names out there.

After all that grind - a win should be pleasant, not frustrating.

40 Seconds

BET-AT.EU Casino have taken steps to make this process as fast and as hassle free as possible without the common frustrations experienced by players. They advertise under 4H pay-outs, however when speaking to our editor their representative was giggling about a 40 seconds pay-out as a record by accident.

"Every system has a process. Pay-outs are aggregated and batched with almost every operator. Some batch process payments once a day, some twice a day, some hourly and on the other hand, some take their sweet time. Our system processes payments every 15 minutes. Once a pay-out is pushed out of the system, it enters the system of the payment gateway which again takes some time.

It's extremely difficult to get a truly instant withdrawal; however technology allows us, especially with e-wallets, to do this within a reasonable time, in literally minutes more often than not.

For this particular player, they won €8K and were already KYC verified (documents checked and confirmed to be genuine) as they are an existing customer. By sheer luck when Sasha hit the pay-out button, she caught both our internal and Skrill batch at the same time. By the time the player logged into their Skrill account, the money was already there.

It was really fulfilling to read the live chat conversation that ensued. It's good to have a happy camper, reminds us what our efforts go into."

Clear Choice

At BET-AT.EU Casino players are required to send documents in order to verify their account details and deposit method, proof of residency, proof of identity and proof of payment. Players should generally aim to send these documents as early as possible rather than waiting for their first withdrawal in order for them to truly enjoy their money instantly. Opening an e-wallet does not hurt either, as it alleviates the banks processing times which, let's face it, none of us have control of.

All in all, BET-AT.EU Casino guarantees to process your withdrawal within 4 hours of your request if all documents are accounted for and quite frankly, we praise them for it.

You can join BET-AT.EU Casino and enjoy their staggering selection of bonuses and fast pay-outs. Keep an eye out on their NETELLER and Skrill offer which will give you additional bankroll just for using those methods.

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