Louisiana Bans Casinos Campaign

Published June 26, 2002 by OCR Editor

Louisiana Bans Casinos Campaign

Last weekend a mixed Louisiana Supreme Court defended a l996 law that prohibits casinos from promotional donations.

The court's decision two years ago allowed the video poker industry to accept such handouts. The new law would bar accredited casino proprietors, companies, and administrators along with casino gear firms and providers, from contributions to political events. Apparently, this new law overturns a verdict made last year reversing the same kind of law.

Judge Jerry P. Victory stated that the verdict by the court banning campaign donations is not a violation of the first amendment provided that the state exhibits an adequately essential concern and doesn't unreasonably limit society's freedoms.

On the other hand this new decision may appear to conflict with the courts stance two years ago in the Penn vs. State case, which reversed an element of the l996 law that limited video poker benefits from dealing with promotional donations. However, the Supreme Court said that there are considerable disparities between the video poker industry and grand state accredited casinos.

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