New Auto Cash Out Feature Now Available at bet365

Published March 9, 2017 by Ivan P

New Auto Cash Out Feature Now Available at bet365

With bet365 Auto Cash Out function, bettors can set rules for their wagers, ensuring the automatic payout once the stake returns reach a certain value.

Serious sports bettors, as well as casual players, like to keep their options open when placing bets on sporting events. While opinions on the value of the Cash Out feature differ, it is a convenient option to have at your disposal, especially if you can set it up to work automatically. Following on that idea, bet365 Sports, one of the biggest sports betting sites out there, has introduced the Auto Cash Out feature, available to their users across different platforms.

How Does Auto Cash Out Work?

Most bettors know how the traditional cash out option works. When you place a bet, you have an option to wait until the target event is over, or you can choose to cash out during the game, taking somewhat reduced odds, but avoiding the risk.

With the bet365 Auto Cash Out, players can create rules for when their bet(s) will be cashed out automatically, requiring no further actions on their part. Bettors can set up a value threshold for their bets, and once that threshold is met or exceeded, the bet is cashed out, either partially or in full (depending on the user settings).

Weighing Your Options

Setting rules for the Auto Cash Out is simple and straightforward. The option is found in the cash out settings menu, and you can create a rule by setting up the number in the 'If the value reaches' section. So, for example, if you set the amount at £50, as soon as the cash out value for your active bet reaches or exceeds that amount, the bet will be automatically cashed out. Bettors don't even need to be logged in for this feature to work.

Players can also choose to only do a partial cash out, ensuring a certain return, while leaving a part of their stake on the line all the way through. The Auto Cash Out option works on the desktop and mobile bet365 site, and it will probably appeal to many players, especially those who place a lot of bets, as it gives them an easier way to manage their wagers.

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