Online Casino Ban a Bluff

Published May 23, 2007 by OCR Editor

Online Casino Ban a Bluff

On the one hand, the US has banned online casino gambling, but at the same time it has done nothing to tackle the operating businesses, thus leaving millions of gamblers at the mercy of the freely operating online casino sites. Are rules to be enacted and

The opinions over how successful the high-profile ban on online gambling in the United States is are split. Whereas some state the decline in the number of online casino sites that serve American gamblers, the decreasing number of gamblers and the revenue projections for 2007, expecting them to shrink by billions of dollars, a closer look may reveal that the coin has another side to it.

Students on American college campuses, a vast social group with spending money and free time on their hands are growing increasingly more interested in online gambling. Perhaps you, reading these words, are a student yourself. Even if not, gambling might make you feel young again, throw some spice in the mix and make life more exciting, even if for an evening a week, maybe less, maybe more.

The thrills, the easy cash that online casinos promise and the creativity of the students who find ways around the ban conjoin to form an entirely new trend among students gambling. Students have found ways to use underground sites and alternative payment methods to overcome both the withdrawal of the major gambling sites and the ban on credit card, check and electronic fund transfers imposed by the US government.

The problem as it seems today is that no official rules were enacted following the ban. No real enforcement authority has been put in charge either. This leaves the market in the laws shadow, perhaps, branding it as illegal activity, but does not follow up and protect people from the hazards that the entire industry is now susceptible to. If online casinos are to be allowed to operate in roundabout ways in the dark, Congress must do something to protect people from falling to the wrong side of the law. Banning online gambling and letting it operate practically freely is like eating the cake and leaving it whole. It just wont work.

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