Online casino offers you the house edge

Published August 29, 2006 by OCR Editor

Online casino offers you the house edge

For years now, the average poker player has enjoyed a bit of a home court advantage by playing in his own residence. But once in while there always is that obvious need for live dealers, heavyweight clay chips, nice chairs and an all around casino feeling

UK- based online casino 'Dial a Dealer' offers via its site, a chance for you and your buddies to enjoy an expertly dealt and home run game. A hassle free, quality night of Poker entertainment is assured from this online casino.

Poker played at home has gained extensive popularity in recent years and this was noticed in early 2005 by Michael Needham and Matt Alford as a golden business opportunity. The idea was born for this unique online casino when they began to get tired of mixing alcohol with the art of dealing cards at their own home poker games. Finally, in early 2006 they managed to raise enough investment capital and plan in the future to take there company into the international market.

Online casino Dial a Dealer offers a booking system at their site and as of today, they provide three different levels of service. The first is the 'high roller package' which will cost you ¦#163;199. This entitles you to 5 hours of poker play with a professional dealer, together with a 10-seater poker table including 10 chairs, high-grade plastic cards and heavyweight clay chips. The second is the 'beginner package' which goes for ¦#163;249. Players get the same facilities as the 'high roller' package and the extra cost gets you coaching and tutorial services. Last but not least you will find the corporate package where players can expect customizable equipment, lighting, plasma screens, professional or celebrity players and wine tasting.

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