Player's Lottery Promises New Welcome Bonus

Published November 22, 2012 by OCR Editor

Player's Lottery Promises New Welcome Bonus

Sign up to online lottery ticket agent today to receive more bang for your initial buck.

The Player's Lottery has released the details of its generous new welcome bonus, and this one is sure to excite all those who are interested in playing this unique form of lottery.

Lottery Welcome Bonus

The new welcome bonus is available to all new members that register with the Player's Lottery, and offers a free €10 euro ticket (or currency equivalent) when you purchase your first €20 ticket. The combined value of the tickets narrows your odds of winning a lottery jackpot to 1:50,000.

What's even better is that players can claim the welcome bonus five times. Keep purchasing tickets for €20, and you'll be rewarded with more €10 euro tickets. The promotion is available for the first 14 days after registrations, so purchase up to five times in two weeks to receive the maximum bonus.

What is the Player's Lottery?

The Player's Lottery is a unique type of online lottery, which offers far better odds than the large global lotteries like EuroMillions. Thanks to an innovative structure, Player's Lottery offers odds of 1:300,000 or better to win 10 million euros - and that's even before you receive your free welcome tickets.

There are 300,000 possible entries to the Player's Lottery - once these are sold out the draw is closed. The winner is one of the people who has purchased entry, as you know what they say: got to be in it to win it.

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