Powerball And Mega Millions Lotteries: Over $100M Up For Grabs

Published July 29, 2019 by Sol FH

Powerball And Mega Millions Lotteries: Over $100M Up For Grabs

Online lottery tickets are available for this week's massive Powerball & Mega Millions Jackpots.

The two biggest lottery games in the world are the United States' Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots. In fact, on the top ten list of the biggest prizes of all time, these lotteries have every spot. The Powerball has seven of the ten records, including the world record at an astronomical $1,586B, that's right, billion US dollars, with a cash value of $983M. The Mega Millions holds second place with a whopping $1,537B, and a cash value of $877.8M. 

This weeks' lotteries are not even close to those outstanding jackpots, but, combined they are well over $100M, which is no chump change. The Mega Millions lottery game will be drawn first this Tuesday, the 30th of July at 23:00 ET and the jackpot is at an estimated $45M. The cash option for that jackpot is $29M, a sum that would change the lives of many, but could be won by just one. Mega Millions is played every week on Tuesday and Friday, and Online Lottery Ticket Providers like The Lotter sell tickets that are far easier purchased than any land-based ticket merchant. 

The Powerball is played every Wednesday and Saturday at 23:00 ET. This weeks' jackpot is substantially higher than its rival lottery, at a stunning $88M, and, cash value of $57.4M. Powerball tickets can also be obtained fast and conveniently using BuyLottoOnline, a very well-known online lottery ticket provider. 

Convenient Lottery Tickets

The beauty of purchasing your lottery tickets online is the speed, convenience, and, the fact that you cannot lose your ticket because it was washed in the laundry, dropped, or, thrown in the trash like so many unfortunate paper tickets end up. Online lottery ticket providers even provide information about past games by showing insights on the numbers that have a higher probability of being called, and, which numbers should not be selected. 

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