Promoting Mobile Brands with Winner Affiliates

Published February 7, 2012 by OCR Editor

Promoting Mobile Brands with Winner Affiliates

Creative material gets extra-creative with QR codes and mobile advertising.

Recent years have seen new players enter the online gambling industry. Winner Affiliates has been around for only a couple of years, but are quick to adapt to the latest trends.

This is one of the biggest challenges for affiliate programs: Remain steady and reliable, but keep inventing and innovating. This interview with an affiliate manager at Winner Affiliates gives us an insight into this delicate balancing act.

London Interview

Online Casino Reports has met with Bernard Attar, affiliate manager at Winner Affiliates, at the London Affiliate Conference in January 2012. Mr Attar has taken his time to answer a few questions that we thought are most relevant for affiliates looking for the latest developments in online gambling and affiliate marketing. Here are some of the questions asked and topics discussed in the video:

How long has winner Affiliates been on the market? - Winner was launched 2-3 years ago, and has steadily been growing ever since.

What is next for Winner Affiliates? - There is a new portal coming soon, and a new bingo site to go along the casino and poker sites.

What do you offer your affiliates? - Winner answers every need of the affiliate, and provides creative material that ranges from special landing pages to different deals per market that the affiliates send traffic from. As for mobile marketing, Mr Attar pointed out the fun and creative QR codes that serve as mobile advertisements for online gambling brands.

What is your model for relations with affiliates? - The best commission plan is a regular commission plan, one that is steady and reliable, for the long term. Winner seeks long-term partnerships, for long-term relationships.

Winner Affiliates

This is the first time Online Casino Reports has met with Winner Affiliates. In this event, once again, their exhibit booth has grown even bigger and the team seemed more proactive than ever before.

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