Slotland Joins Mobile Casino Revolution

Published August 1, 2014 by Mike P

Slotland Joins Mobile Casino Revolution

Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Nintendo Wii are just some of the mobile operating systems and devices now supported by Slotland Casino.

Slotland Casino has long been known for being founded near the launch of the online casino market back in 1998. However, players of the site appear to be drawn by the lure of creative casino games developed entirely in-house, which makes Slotland incredibly unique within a market where virtually all of the major operators seek to outsource their software requirements.

Independent Operator

Now Slotland can at last be known for mobile casino games, having finally made the upgrade as of summer 2014. Understandably, it has taken a little longer for the independent operator to make such a dramatic advancement without the backing of a global software development player. Nevertheless, the upgrade has finally been made and players can now access mobile slot games.

Multiplatform Access

Since the advent of mobile casinos, it is been commonplace for most operators to unveil compatibility for one mobile operating system long ahead of the others. And this is because developers would first release an app for Apple before later turning their attention towards Android – or vice versa. But rather than go through a complex release, Slotland has managed to create a mobile casino with multiplatform access.

Browser-Based Games

By taking longer to develop its mobile casino platform, Slotland has been able to offer multiplatform access from the outset. Key decision makers learned that developing dedicated apps was a futile effort. Instead, the most efficient approach is to develop for HTML5 web browsers and give access to pretty much all advanced mobile devices.

Compatible Platforms

On Apple’s iOS platform, players with the recent models of the iPhone and the iPad can access the Slotland mobile games. Android players can also access these using their smartphones or tablets, while even the oft-neglected BlackBerry users can play. And, to top it all off, even Nintendo Wii casino players have games to experience. Slotland is finally part of the mobile revolution.

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