Special Feature: Cashback Bonuses

Published July 26, 2014 by Mike P

Special Feature: Cashback Bonuses

Learn all you need to know about claiming the best cashback bonuses from online casinos.

Online Casino Reports is highly informed about cashback bonuses because of our close links with the best casinos online. Not only do we get cashback information directly from the casinos, but also we search for deals by performing our own research. Basically, we cover all of the angles so you don’t have to!

All of the information you need about these special offers can be found in a single detailed location – under the Bonus tab click on Cashback Bonuses. You can come to use for bonus values, percentage rewards, and payment frequency. And based on all of those factors, we will assign a rating out of five stars. That way you can see which casino cashback deals are worth your time and which aren’t.

Cashback Types

Cashback bonuses give online casino players the opportunity to claim back either cash or bonus funds on their losses. This provides an element of security for players because they know that their entire bankroll will not be exhausted, letting them play with greater freedom and less concern.

The most common form of cashback would be to receive bonus funds, but there are some casino sites offering real cash instead. However, real cash is typically awarded at a lower percentage rate than for bonus funds. Nevertheless, both forms of cashback have their own merits, and both should be welcomed because they will save you money.

Bonus Values

The range of values available can differ significantly, with some starting off at $100 and others rising to be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For instance, Gala Casino has a scheme in which players can claim back up to £2,000 worth of bonus funds – our list can help you quickly source the best offers.

Another important factor in the values is the size of percentage assigned to determine the bonus funds. The larger casino websites won’t be quite so generous as the smaller ones, and can be expected to offer in the region of 20%. However, you can find deals north of that value at 50%. Most casinos have their own approach.

VIP Cashback

On occasion, some casinos will determine the bonus percentages and values depending on where a player is currently positioned in the VIP scheme. There are sites that will reserve their higher percentages for the gold and platinum players, mean that you need to climb high before unlocking the maximum bonus rate.

Frequency of Payouts

The frequency of these payouts can vary considerably, with most casinos fluctuating between weekly and monthly bonuses. Monthly payouts are, of course, a little frustrating because you would appreciate the funds much quicker. However, this is often offset due to a larger bonus percentage and potential overall value.


Casino cashback bonuses work best when you decide which factors are most important to your experience. For those who prefer high frequency payouts, a weekly scheme is best. Patient players who prefer larger percentage rates will be happier in a monthly scheme with a 50% deal.

Online Casino Reports will help you to make your decision a lot quicker, giving you access to all of the key details in one source. Check back frequently to our special Bonuses services pages for the most updated online casino bonuses. 

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