Tonight: The US Powerball Draws for a $116 Million Jackpot

Published March 30, 2016 by Arthur M

Tonight: The US Powerball Draws for a $116 Million Jackpot

The next US Powerball Lottery draw takes place on Wednesday 30th March, with a jackpot estimated to be around $116 million up for grabs.

The current estimated jackpot in the US Powerball lottery is $116 million which could be won at the next draw on Wednesday 30th March. This prize has come about from the fact that no ticket matched all the required numbers at the last draw on Saturday night, and thanks to some changes to the way that this lottery is run, rollovers to massive jackpots are now quite common.

About The US Powerball Lottery

The Multi-State Lottery Association that runs this draw was first set up way back in 1987, initially with just six states which were soon joined by many others. Today, 47 states and territories are a part of it, with residents of each one contributing to the jackpots. To win that jackpot, a player needs to match 5 main numbers from 69 and a single Powerball number from a separate pool of 26. This has only been in force since October 2016, when the main numbers were increased form 59, and this has directly led to some huge rollovers including the record breaking $1.5 billion prize that was won by 3 tickets in January 2016.

Secondary prizes include $1 million for matching the 5 main numbers, and just 3 main number matches is enough to win the lowest consolation prizes.

The $116 million US Powerball draw will take place in Tallahassee Florida at 23.00 local time on Wednesday.

The same prize levels are in force no matter whether the ticket is purchased at a local retailer on online through services such as The Lotter, Play USA Lotteries and LottoBooking. 

About Buying Online Lottery Tickets

There are no longer any restrictions on who can buy tickets to this and the other big lotteries worldwide, as anyone buying tickets through an online service will have just as much chance of hitting the jackpot as someone who lives in the countries where the draw is officially run. Players are automatically informed of any winnings, which are then sent directly to them.

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