The International Association of Gaming Regulators or the IAGR is made up of representatives of regulatory bodies all over the world.

The mission of this organization is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of gaming regulations.  In order to accomplish this, the IAGR provides:

  • A forum that regulators from all over the world can use to meet, exchange information and views, discuss regulations and policies with other regulators as well as representatives in the online gaming industry
  • A main contact point for inquiries for gaming regulatory personnel and agencies, governments and members of the international gaming community
  • A means of enhancing cooperation between gaming regulators while they perform their duties

The IAGR began operating in the 1980s as an informal organization adjunct to the International Association of Gaming Attorneys or IAGA.  For many years, regulators were present at the IAGA conference to discuss significant topics in the gaming industry.  The IAGR became formalized and was given its own conference in 1993. 

In 2010, members of the IAGR voted to create an organization that was completely independent and in 2011 the IAGR was converted to a nonprofit association that is called the International Association of Gaming Regulators.  Regulators from many different countries are members of the IAGR including those from New Zealand, North America, Asia, Europe, South Africa, the Caribbean and Australia.  The conference usually draws in hundreds of regulators from many different countries.

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