Long Bets

Long Bets improves long-term thinking and contributes to philanthropic causes, as it provides an enjoyable platform for predicting real events.

There may be no instant winners at this site, but Long Bets is not about instant. It is also only partially about winning.

Promoting patience through wagering, as CNN once termed its function, Long Bets promotes long-term thinking. The Longnow Foundation project is a place where futurists can meet and predict the outcome of events. Of course it requires also an understanding of history, as any real-world prediction does.

The Long Bets site is simple in graphics, but the lay out so conveniently that finding information, locating interesting bets and offering your own is quite simple and intuitive. The website is truly a fun and entertaining way to discuss events, learn about their wider context, and bet on eventual outcomes.

You can learn on the site what costs are involved in placing a bet ($50 to publish a prediction, and $200 minimum stake), as well as the subjects of bets accepted (must be societally or scientifically important). But don't expect winnings to come anytime soon, or at all.

The minimum period of predictions and bets is 2 years. Even when they do conclude, winnings go towards charity organizations, thus making Long Bets a truly attractive tool for philanthropic giving.

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