National Gaming Academy

Casino staff get serious with the National Gaming Academy, which provides higher education for gambling professionals.

As the gaming industry becomes more and more complex, the educational needs of the casinos intensify respectively. In response to this growing demand for higher-educated casino staff, 3 UK colleges banded together to come up with a solution.

The National Gaming Academy (NGA) is a consortium of the Blackpool and Fylde College, Greenwich Community College, and North Warwickshire and Hinckley College. Guiding them is the 2006 success of the Blackpool and Fylde College's Regional Gaming Academy, which grabbed the attention of the industry.

Currently the NGA provides courses in a range of disciplines which are catered to higher level casino employees and service providers, and include Foundation Degrees in Casino Operations Management, and Gaming Machine Technology.

The NGA is even working in close collaboration with Mars Electronics, a marketplace leader in the production of coin mechanisms used in slot machines, in order to help bring their students to the next level of skill and knowledge.

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