GLI offers a wide array of testing services and special tools designed to improve the business operations of all industry stakeholders, from operators to regulators.

Gaming Laboratories International or GLI is an independent testing company that provides a range of solutions required by modern-day gaming operators. From various tests and compliance checks, over responsible gaming solutions, to compliance consultations, GLI is able to offer the full package.

The company cooperates with all sides of the industry, including operators, game developers, lottery organizers, and regulators. Their wide range of services covers different types of tests and controls, designed to save time and provide desired results for the clients.

On the operators’ side of things, Gaming Laboratories International offer testing and certification services performed in the lab. They also do on-site security audits, verifications, and perform other services to help them stay compliant and conduct their business in accordance with the laws of the jurisdictions they operate in.

GLI also cooperates with gaming regulators all over the world. The company has developed a unique and powerful set of tools designed specifically for the regulators to help them streamline operations and ensure compliance in the simplest and most effective way

Finally, for the suppliers, the company provides testing services that help developers get their products to the market faster and make them compliant with the rules of various jurisdictions around the world. The process has been streamlined and made very efficient thanks to another set of tools developed by GLI for this particular purpose.

The company has been going strong since 1989 and today, they have clients and business partners all over the world. GLI gaming certificates have been recognized by players and operators alike, offering iGaming sites a way to improve their reputation and offer additional reassurances for their players. At the same time, various services provided by the company help the operators further improve their business and make it more cost-effective and competitive.

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