SIQ provides a wide array of testing services for online and land-based operators alike, offering quality and fairness checks and issuing compliance certificates.

SIQ Gaming Technologies is an independent testing company operating in Europe, North and Latin America, Africa, and Asia. With headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the company has managed to build quite a name for itself, even though they haven’t been in business for that long.

The team behind the scenes understands that gaming can be an important part of the entertainment industry of a country. Thus, it is important for that sector to be properly controlled, monitored and regulated to minimize negative effects of the activity and prevent, as much as possible, any illegal actions.

SIQ does its part in this process by providing high-quality compliance tests for gaming devices and issuing certificates of conformity. These tests are performed in accordance with rules and requirements of the particular jurisdiction and represent a prerequisite for anyone looking to acquire a gaming license.

The company offers detailed game testing services, checking them for randomness and fairness. In today’s day and age, such testing can be quite complex, especially when it comes to video slots that include various bonus rounds and special features.

In addition to lab tests, SQI also provides on-site inspections. These serve to check and verify various gaming devices to ensure they still comply with all the regulations in place and are done at the request of the operator or in certain time intervals.

Once all the tests are done and the results are satisfactory, SIQ issues a certificate of conformity. This certificate serves as a visible indicator that the machine in question complies with all the rules and can be offered to the players. In addition to this being a legal requirement for the operators, these certificates also increase the trust with the players as they can rest assured that the game they are playing wasn’t tampered with, which means they can expect a fair and truly random gaming experience.

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