A Casino Pit Boss' Guide to Gambling Smart

A Casino Pit Boss' Guide to Gambling Smart

Want to keep more of your money in your pocket rather than the dealers'? Bored of dry gaming guides? Then read on, you'll be glad you did.

A former anonymous casino pit boss lays it to players straight about the in's and out's of staying on top of your game in a casino, which comes in quite handy nowadays when money is even more precious to gamble with than before. Throw in some wit and sarcasm, and you have a bona fide guide to gambling with some finesse and walking away with more or the same as when you started. 

Let's start shall we?

Rule numero uno is that the house always has the advantage and upper hand - this ensures that they stay in business, whether online or not. It is illegal to cheat you and they will lose their license if they rip you off and get caught; but there are tons of legal ways to keep your butt in their seats and hands in your wallet. 

Skip the freebies, especially the alcohol. The drink of your choice can make you do irrational things, such as betting your whole paycheck! Don't be a "fish", which in gambling jargon means "easy mark" and certainly don't drink like one! Of course, if you are playing online, that drinking rule doesn't apply to you, unless it's from your own stash. 

If you've won a lot, the freebies will start magically flowing your way - complimentary hotel rooms, champagne, dinners or if online, free cards, bonuses etc - realize that they as the establishment want you to stay longer so they can try to win back their money. Trust us, it's not just because you're an awesome person. 

Hmm...I smell money....or is that just the guy across from me?

Casinos spend millions of dollars on psychology on what motivates people to take risks. Colors and smells top the list. 

Red supposedly attracts players and makes them think of victory. Think of this historically, if you may. "The streets ran with the color of blood after a successful battle had been won...." sounds nice and testosterone-ey to me, and we all know what too much testosterone will do to someone, now don't we? Taking risks where maybe there shouldn't be any...down boy! 

Time just keeps ticking on...

Good luck on finding a clock of some sorts, unless it's your own or on another player. Casinos, both online and off want you to forget time. This is also why windows in a brick and mortar casino tend to not be there often, it's quite rare. It could be 5am or 5pm - inside it's all the same. For those online, you also know how time just slips away. Same concept. 

Cash tips - besides trying to keep as much of it as you can

Think about this one: is it harder to put down a stack of $100 chips or a thick stack of $100 bills? Yeah. We thought so, and casinos know that as well. If the cash you win goes straight into your pocket, that's not good for casinos. Chips you have to cash in and somehow along the way, they will usually get you for more. Be aware grasshopper. 

Also, please do us and the dealers a favor. Know the rules. If you want to be able to enjoy your game, know what game you're playing. Our anonymous pit boss will never forget the one guy who he saw lose money, run up to his table, lose another $100 and then asked "What's the name of this game again?" 

Finally, don't overestimate your budget. Unless you have 100 times your smallest bet, don't go getting excited and high rolling. If you only have $100, go to the $1 table, and so on. This will work in your favor. Of course then again, this is why there are so many ATM's in casinos and credit cards online, right? Get the picture? Don't bet what you don't have. 

This concludes our lesson for the day. Play smart and win big. Then smile at the thought that in some small way, we may have helped you get there. 

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