Casino Rules

Casino Rules

Casinos are very particular about their house rules. In fact, they can be positively obsessive. Before you walk through the door...

Casino fans consider them second nature, but to the beginning player casino rules can be both baffling and unnerving. 

Rules? What Rules? 

Casino rules and casino discipline are legendary. Designed largely to protect the casino's funds and its staff, these rules are often complex and baffling, and to a large extent they are also unwritten. Most beginning players will enter the casino floor and have little or no idea what to do. These rules are designed to keep order and control and to mainly avoid the casino facing its greatest risk - the theft of its funds by casino employees. 

Do Your Homework 

Before you even turn up at a casino, do yourself a favor and contact the casino by email or telephone. Tell them that you would like to become a new patron and that you would like to see a copy of their house rules. They will most likely be happy to oblige, and you will receive what will most likely be an extensive list of the house rules and regulations. 

The list may be unwieldy, but do take the time to read through it, including the fine print, and clarify any points you don't understand with the casino itself. Doing your homework in advance will produce positive results in the future. 

Short Cuts 

You can also find many abbreviated versions of casino house rules by performing a quick Internet search. What's the deal with all the colored chips? Where do I change my money or cash in my winnings? When and how can I place my bets on the playing table? 

All these and other frequently asked questions are tackled by the experts online in a clear to understand format. These Internet lists will provide you with a more concise and useful way of learning exactly what goes and what is forbidden on the gaming floor. 

The Games 

Of course, the casino rules are separate from the rules of play of the individual games. These can be baffling, and again, beginners should take the time to read as much as they can on line, and purchase a range of introductory guides to the games they want to play. As the good Lord Baden-Powell used to say, be prepared! 

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