Elements of Poker

Elements of Poker

Betting with the right attitude to win you more games.

Poker literature has added yet another sub-genre - the dawn of the 'self-help-poker-book'. Tommy Angelo, a renowned author of the game, has compiled a comprehensive, witty and entertaining slice of something quite off the beaten track. His new book entitled Elements of Poker, is the latest offering to the self-help arena. The sole purpose of these books is to assist players in improving their poker results through the power of positive thinking. 

The book sports a large section entitled 'Universal Elements.' This component provides considerable poker wisdom from the author. Hold'em poker is widely publicized in both limit and no-limit situations. Besides coining new phrases and trendy words, Angelo provides a stimulus that players can relate to. An exhaustive section on seat selection, changing seats and the manner in which a floorman should be called, are noteworthy components through his book. 

Elements of Poker isn't everybody's cup-of-tea, but what it lacks in universal appeal, it certainly makes up for in enlightenment. Poker is a game of bluff, body language and intrigue and Angelo seizes on this from the get go. Foregoing the annoying commentary on tournament stacks and individual player win/loss ratios is necessary in an otherwise decent read. For all its minor flaws, the book highlights an important construct - that of making the transition from a novice student to a successful player. 

Additionally those human 'tells' that can literally destroy entire poker careers, are adequately addressed. It's an entertaining read, but it's certainly got its detractors. For those amenable to Angelo's teachings, the book is a resounding hit. For the rest, it's a well-researched learning exercise and an invaluable aid. 

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