Gambling Is Good for the Soul

Gambling Is Good for the Soul

Gambling has many aspects which render it an activity good for the soul.

It is no secret that gambling has been long associated with negative things ranging from addiction to the Mafia. Gambling has always been the punching bag for anyone looking. Those who speak out loud against gambling choose to neglect its many positive aspects. They fail to mention the huge advancements made in gambling addiction preventative measures, gambling revenues, good causes and the world-changing impacts the advent of online casinos has made on the fairness, security and comfort of online casino players.

Another positive aspect in gambling which is commonly ignored both by its proponents and opponents is actually the very basis on which the activity was found back in the days of old: its spiritual angle. How is gambling good for the soul?


The second half of the century and especially the last four decades have seen gambling become more and more accessible to common folk, with much help by the rise of online casinos starting in the early 1990s. Gambling has taken an interesting course: It has also become professional in the sense of the many professional poker tournaments held, but it also became a popular pastime activity. Many players gamble in online casinos not just for monetary benefits but also for the thrill and fun online casinos deliver.


While not all gambling games require skill, there's a good portion of games which do, mostly table games like poker and craps. Players are required to constantly think during the game: When to take another card, when to employ a certain strategy, when to bluff and so on. This develops players' intellect, helping them in many more ways that they can imagine.   

Mathematical Skills

While not obligatory, mathematical skills are a great advantage for any gambler. These skills are built even among those who do not like the numbers, as they are required to understand percentages, different odds, house advantages and so on. This also helps to remove negative attitudes some develop towards math in their youth, seeing that it can be employed for fun and profitable intentions in gambling.  

Good Causes and the Economy

Studies show that the gambling industry has brought an increase in jobs. This is joined by the fact that many gambling operators donate shares of their revenues to good causes. To top that off, gambling is good for the economy: GDP of gambling regulated countries have shown that the field generates impressive revenues.

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