God's in Heaven - Bingo Number 7

God's in Heaven - Bingo Number 7

Most people agree the game of bouncy bingo balls was thought up in Italy in 1530.

From churches to smokey bingo halls to online bingo chat rooms, the game bingo has had many different homes over the years.

Most people agree the game of bouncy bingo balls was thought up in Italy in 1530 and called 'Il Giucco del Lotto d'Italia'.

The next update came in 1778 when the French invented Lotto involving 27 squares laid out three rows and nine columns. Your grid could contain any number between 1 and 90.

Breaking America

In the twentieth century, Bingo undergoes a major change: When toy merchandiser Edwin Lowe spots a group of riveted Bingo players at a travelling carnival, a light bulb turns on in his head. What he was looking at was a group of people playing with dried beans, rubber stamp and cardboard sheets...but when Lowe returned to New York he adapted Bingo into a commercial board game.

There was the 12-card set version and the 24-card version and they both became an instant hit in the US.

A Catholic priest from Pennsylvania approached Lowe about using bingo as a means of raising church funds. When bingo started being played in churches it became increasingly popular. By 1934, an estimated 10,000 bingo games were played weekly, and today more than $90 million dollars are spent on bingo each week in North America alone.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo has successfully revamped the game's image. Gone are the days of ladies with purple-rinse hair and mugs of tea. These days 80% online bingo players are aged between 30 and 50 and are female. Bingo sites also offer clients the opportunity to socialize with one another in chat rooms and interacting with live streamed Bingo TV.

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