How to Gamble at Casinos

Published February 19, 2014 by Admin

How to Gamble at Casinos

James Harrison Ford offers a series of hints and tips to enable gamblers to walk out of the casino with smiles on their faces and money in their pocket.

James Harrison Ford's How To Gamble At The Casinos Without Getting Plucked Like A Chicken, provides a fascinating insight into the ways in which casinos make money out of the gambling public. Ford explains the way casinos swing the odds in their favor, even if only by a very small margin, but one that makes them the winners in the long run. Offering a series of explanations and methods, the author supplies the reader with a range of useful techniques that will help swing the odds back in favor of the player. 

Covering all of the main casino games, Ford explains the reasons why some games should be avoided as the odds are just too low to expect anyone to walk away without looking like the proverbial plucked chicken. Other games, he suggests, are still not without risk, but they can, using the correct money management techniques, lead to significant and sustained winning runs. 

Ford also touches on a number of popular gambling systems such as the Martingale and the Fibonacci method. While he claims there is no surefire winning system, otherwise the casinos would go out of business overnight, the author does indicate that successful gamblers all work according to predetermined plans, a number of which Ford explains. 

Not only does this book give clear, concise advice on the best games to play and how to play them, it unequivocally points out which games should be avoided so you don't get stung too badly. The author's light-hearted, friendly style draws the reader in, and you will find out how to play the main casino games as well as learn which ones to try out and which ones to avoid. The author's direct and honest approach to the subject makes this book a pleasure to read. 

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