Mi Casino et Su Casino, Nu? Word Etymology

Published February 19, 2014 by Admin

Mi Casino et Su Casino, Nu? Word Etymology

Trivia lovers and people looking for those odd tidbits of information read on: Just where did the word "casino" originate? Bet you didn't know this...

Unlike popular belief holds, Las Vegas or the world's oldest casino in Monaco do not hold linguistic rights to the word "casino." In fact, it is due to those fun loving Latins who we credit our current passion.

From the Italian's who borrowed from the Latin language "casino" is broken down into two parts: "casa" meaning house and the diminutive suffix "ino/"

In the 16th century, casino referred to a country house, cottage or summerhouse. By the time the 18th century rolls around, the word has evolved into a center of social gathering where dancing, musical acts and you guessed it - gambling would take place.

Finally, in the 19th century, the word as we know and recognize today was included into the dictionary with the definition of "gambling establishment."

Now go out and impress all your friends with your knowledge, bet them an amount of money they don't know as much as you smartypants.

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