Telekinesis Meets The Crap Tables

Published February 19, 2014 by Admin

Telekinesis Meets The Crap Tables

When a man's friend is discovered to have the ability to move things simply with his mind, he concocts the idea that a trip to Las Vegas would be beneficial to them all.

Telekinesis is defined as "The supposed ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other nonphysical means." Imagine marrying this idea with a visit to a Las Vegas Casino. Well, that's exactly what the Twilight Zone did in their 1961 episode entitled "The Prime Mover."

The story follows a common TZ thread in which a small timer, this time working in a small cafe, suddenly gains access to some other-worldly power which opens up an heretofore unknown world of seemingly good fortune. And, in keeping with what makes for the best kind of story, said character decides to use this new found power in an illegal venture.

In "The Prime Mover" a small-time gambler "Ace" discovers that his friend "Jimbo" has telekinetic powers (this after witnessing said friend upturn a car to save the occupants inside after a car crash). Ace immediately decides they should use these powers at the crap tables in Las Vegas.

The results: A seemingly non-stop winning streak.

However, Jimbo starts developing headaches from the mental exertion caused by Ace's new found gambling addiction. Ace is oblivious to his friends physical problems, but not so his girlfriend Kitty who is repulsed and leaves.

Ace then uses his newly acquired winnings to catch the attention of the casino's cigarette girl. Trying to impress her he bets all his winnings in a game of craps, but Jimbo's powers give out. And he loses everything.

But being the good soul at heart that he is, being left with nothing has a sobering effect upon Ace. He and his friend Jimbo then have a good laugh over their misfortune. The three returns home convinced that Jimbo's powers are permanently gone and life is back to normal.

Back at the café, Ace asks Kitty to marry him just as Jimbo, who is sweeping up the joint, drops his broom.

She flips a coin, and Ace calls "heads." Kitty doesn't show Ace the coin or tell him the result of the coin toss, she, being the good soul at heart that she is, simply accepts his proposal.

As they embrace, Jimbo picks up the broom ... telekinetically.

Moral of the story: Don't push your luck: Quit while you're ahead. Or, it pays to have honest friends.

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