The Compleat Gamester

The Compleat Gamester

Enjoy a window through time as gambling's ways of old are revealed by English poet Charles Cotton in 1674.

The Compleat Gamesteris less a work of rules and strategy on gambling as much as it is a reference to the ways of the wily characters in gambling's world of yesteryear. This fascinating expose of sleight of hand, rigged dice rolls and the betting parlor's house edge are all pervasive. 

Renowned English poet, Charles Cotton reveals some select tidbits of cheaters' tips, scallywag activity and a taste of the power of mathematics and statistical probability ratios in the art of gambling.

Cotton was indeed breaking new ground with his expose into number crunching and gaming, much to satisfaction of gamers at the time and in years to come. As a gambling throwback book, it makes for exciting reading into games like Picket, Hazzard and Basset.

By the way, the title is indeed spelled correctly - it's old English and it was retained by the Imprint Society when the book was re-published in 1970.

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