The Lighter Side of Poker

The Lighter Side of Poker

Pocket Rockets vs. San Francisco Wedding

More times than not you will find yourself playing poker at your favorite online casino, cursing the day that the game was invented. You are dealt terrible cards, and can't seem to buy a win. When this is the case sometimes the best medicine is a little humor or wit to take the edge off and get back on the winning track.

Whether you are playing Video Poker or another online or mobile poker game there are certain hands that cause some people to laugh out loud because of the nickname that the hand has bestowed. Here is a look into the ten funniest Poker hands and how they got their names.

10. Q 4 - "Housework"

How did housework become the name of this combination. The answer is simple, albeit fairly sexist to the ladies out there. It was dubbed Housework in the 70's sometime and the name has stuck because "hey what's a Queen For?"

9. A A - "Pocket Rockets"

Since the game of poker was invented this winning combination has been called a lot of names. "Bullets", "Flying Nazi's", or on the occasion when a couple of black aces comes your way the "Joe Louis Hand" because you'll end up with 2 black eyes if you step up to Joe Louis. The name that rings in the minds of more online poker players is by far "Pocket Rockets", the name used to describe this hand the world over.

8. A K - "Anna Kournikova"

This name has been around since the super sexy Tennis star began smashing balls and breaking hearts on and off the court. It has become a love hate relationship for other reasons as well because Anna Kournikova didn't win as many matches as we would've liked and in Poker the A K doesn't win as much as we'd like either, so they both look good but rarely win.

7. 8 8 - "Snowmen"

Oh the famous pair of 8's. This pair is dealt on many an occasion and lures players to play with it just because the pair looks so good together. The obvious name is "Snowmen" but they are also called "Two Fat Ladies" and more recently "The Dog's Balls" because of one questionable person out there that said they resembled the business side of a canine.

6. Q Q - "San Francisco Wedding"

Perhaps not the most politically correct names of all time, but where if not San Francisco has a lot of focus been on same-sex marriages and especially gay men tying the knot. The other funny and rather offensive names are "Jailhouse Rock" and "Siegfried & Roy".

5. Q 10 - "Tina Turner"

The has to be one of the most controversial names in the world of Poker simply because it is always beaten by K 10 which is a hand names after Ike Turner, nuff said? It is also called the "Tarantino" because of the filmmaker's initials.

4. J J - "Sucker"

This hand has been called many names but none as well-known as the Sucker, because in a Poker game you'd have to be a sucker to bet with this one. Another one is the "Fishhooks" because only a stupid fish gets hooked into playing this pair.

3. 6 9 - "Dinner for Two"

This hand is obviously one of the funniest hands in the game. The only thing to list here are the other names it has been given by the games funniest players, "Happy Meal", "Big Love", "Big Slick", or the "Big Lick".

2. 7 2 - "Beer Hand"

It is one of the absolute worst hands in Poker but many players use this hand as a challenge to practice up on their bluff skills. It is commonly known as the Beer Hand because when you are dealt this loser it's time for a cold one. In the UK, some witty Brit came up with naming this hand after TV personality Jeremy Beadle who suffered from Poland Syndrome which caused one of his hands not to grow up properly.

1. K J - "The Bachelors Hand"

The multi-billion dollar author, "JK Rowling" wrote the hit series that if you haven't seen you've probably either been dead or under a rock. It is a very strong hand and you most likely won't need one of the young wizard's spells to win the round when dealt the K J also known as the "Harry Potter". It has also been called the "Jackie Kennedy" but by far the best and most hilarious name is the Bachelors Hand. This is so because when you have J K off-suited you've been caught "Jack King-off".

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