The Man with the $100,000 Breasts

The Man with the $100,000 Breasts

The multi-talented Mr. Konik has assembled a collection of fascinating gambling stories accumulated during his days on the Las Vegas gambling circuit.

The unusual title of this book refers to a bet taken by professional gambler and proposition man, Brian Zembic. Picking up a wager for $100,000 to have silicone breast implants surgically placed in his body, Zembic goes through with the deal and wins the bet. The book offers pictures as proof, and they don't make for particularly pleasant viewing. 

Michael Konik is certainly one of the more eclectic of the professional gamblers you are likely to bump into in the casinos of Las Vegas. Indeed, with a show business background as a TV presenter and jazz musician, it's hard to know when he found the time to fit in gambling at all, never mind authoring books on the subject. 

Setting his stories across the gamut of gambling experience, Konik's book contains stories of horse and greyhound racing, blackjack, sports books, golf hustling and, of course, poker. The pace of each story is sharp, and you will most likely finish the book in less time than you expected. Appealing to both gambler and layman alike, Konik succeeds in opening up the glittering world of professional gambling, not leaving out the seedier sides of this sometimes questionable pursuit. Konik's book is simply crammed packed with stories of card sharps, high rollers, and scalawags, all out for their own piece of the gambling pie. 

Michael Konik studied drama at New York University. He is a professional entertainer, working as TV presenter, jazz singer, stand-up comedian, poker and blackjack player. The gambling columnist for the magazine Cigar Aficionado for a number of years, golf columnist for Delta Sky, Konik's writing has been published in dozens of other publications including Travel and Leisure, Maxim, and Sports Illustrated. 

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