The Theory of Poker

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The Theory of Poker

All there is to know is contained in this standard text on how to play poker by one of the industry's outstanding experts.

Cited by many top players in the world of poker as the book that really made the difference in their game, David Sklansky's book The Theory of Poker is a surely a must for beginner and advanced player alike. While referring to the very simple nature of the game, Sklansky goes on to open the window onto the deeper, more complex and profound elements that makes the game so alluring. The standard joke about this quintessential textbook on poker is that experts have worn the covers off their copies. 

David Sklansky, aka The Mathematician, is a leading authority in the poker world with a string of videos, articles, and books to his credit. A popular guest at poker seminars across the world, Sklansky has even created new casino game variants that are being considered in a number of leading casinos. 

Presenting his ideas in a clear, simple writing style, Sklansky normally succeeds in transmitting some of the complex and subtle issues of the game in a way that is easy for most players comprehend. However, sometimes the nature of what he is trying to explain requires a second or third review before the ideas can be fully comprehended. 

This book is jam-packed full of helpful adages and theorems. One of most profound is, "Every time you play a hand differently than you would have played it if you could see all your opponents' cards, they gain; every time you play a hand the same as you would have if you could see all their cards, they lose." Read that over a few time to realize just how deep it is. Add to this the fact that Sklansky earns the largest percentage of his income from gambling then this book is surely a must-have for any poker player no matter what their level of experience. 

Sklansky truly believes that to be a winner at poker you must first determine the odds given to cards seen and unseen. Build in the size of the pot and the effect of the psychological factors at play between the other players at the table then you have all the elements that must be sized up in order to decide whether to play or fold. 

This book is no Idiot's Guide to Poker, and the reading can sometimes be heavy going, but it does contain some of the vital secrets used by top professional players on the world poker circuit today. 

David Sklansky is professional poker player and writer on poker-related topics. Despite leaving university before graduation, he went on to qualify as a professional actuary, a feat that attests to his strongly focused analytical mind. Even with his natural talent for stacking the odds in his favor, Sklansky has twice publicly admitted to cheating at poker. David Sklansky currently lives in Henderson, Nevada. 

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