Top 5 Poker Books You Should Read

Top 5 Poker Books You Should Read

Save time and face - it's better to know before you go blow it all. Read on Holmes!

Ok, ok, so in the age of the Internet and instant gratification, reading actual books has somewhat become passé. But (!) think of these top 5 poker books as an investment in your life rather than an extra expense.

Mary Poppins said "a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down" and it's no joke. Even if you pick up one good tip or trick from these books, consider your investment returned and money well spent.

1. Caro's Book of Poker Tells: by Mike Caro, 320 pages. 
"The Mad Genius" mathematical wizard of poker started it all with this book published in the 1980s.

As the friend and business associate of Doyle Brunson, who brought the legendary Doyle's "super system" into the spotlight over two decades ago, Mike Caro knows a thing or two. This book enlightens readers into the instinctive and subconscious psychology of "tells." How to pick up on signals, do the opposite of what your opponents think you will do and win big are what this book is all about.

2. The Book of Bluffs: by Matt Lessinger, 256 pages. 
Don't you just wish you had a magical manual to open up and there is a list of bluff's that can be used to win just about any game? Wish no more, my friend.

Matt is a professional poker player and columnist who knows more than his fair share of how to get the opponent to fold no matter how strong a hand he has. This book is all about the artistry and correct timing of bluffing. When, how, and who to bluff while the whole time avoiding being duped yourself is Matt's lesson of the day.

3. Harrington on Hold'Em - Volumes I, II, & III: by Dan Harrington with Bill Robertie, 300+ pages. 
Alright, fair enough - this is actually 3 books, but as it's really just one long book broken down into pieces, don't be a sore reader!

Volume I named "Strategic Play" is centered on how to survive the early and middle stages in No Limit Hold'Em tournaments. Top professional players have used these time tested strategies all over the globe to reach the final table and now Dan brings them right to you.

Volume II entitled "Endgame," is all about the way to optimize betting patterns, vary your style, analyze hands and react the right way when it counts the most.

Volume III is "The Workbook" and no kidding, it is. Putting into actual practice the strategies and techniques taught in the previous two volumes, this book takes real pro's in the business and gets into the nitty-gritty of their inner poker minds.

Step by step, Dan Harrington takes you to another level in your game, no if's, and's or but's about it.

4. The Theory of Poker: by David Sklansky, 300 pages. 
David offers readers the theories and concepts on almost every variation of poker; including five card high, seven card stud, lowball draw, holdem, and razz (seven card lowball stud). Deception, raising, the value of position, and idea behind the free card are only some of the chapters mentioned in this book in detail.

Dan Harrington, winner of 2, 2005 Poker Masterpiece wins, and Howard Lederer both mention and own this book, giving it credit to furthering their development in their games. If it's essential to them, why shouldn't it be for you?

5. Sit*N*Go* Pro: by Bryan Micon, E-Book, 200+ pages 
While not technically a hardcover book, this e-book can be printed out as well as the instructional CD/DVD which can be ordered to accompany this expansive information trove on Sit & Go tournaments.

Bryan, who has won over $200,000 in live tournaments and even more online, teaches players how to master the essential techniques to dominate their game.

Younger players often build upon information used by the "old-timers" and legends of the games they play, so make your library of poker books complete with the generational gap Bryan fills.

Remember: reading makes your brain work harder and sharper and color me surprised if that isn't the secret to winning your next hand?

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