Winning The Hard Way In The Twilight Zone

Winning The Hard Way In The Twilight Zone

When a man is killed in a robbery, he wakes up to find his every wish will be granted.

The story goes like this:

Rocky robs a store, kills a guard, and then is shot dead by the police. At least he thought he was dead. He wakes up unharmed with a new friend named Pip. Pip tells Rocky he is his "guide" and has been instructed to give him "whatever he desires."

Rocky is of course suspicious, but being human, he starts making requests: Women, food, money and eventually, a trip to a casino, wherein Rocky wins big on every game he plays.

Rocky and Pip quarrel so Rocky shoots Pip in head. But the bullets just bounce off of Pip.

Rocky now realizes he's dead and becomes curious as to why he was allowed into Heaven.

"I must have done something good that made up for all the other stuff. But what?"

Rocky becomes bored out of his mind and says to Pip "If I gotta stay here another day, I'm gonna go nuts! I don't belong in Heaven, see? I want to go to the other place!"

To which Pip replies, "Heaven? Whatever gave you the idea that you were in heaven? This is the other place!"

Moral of the story: Do bad things, expect bad things.

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