30 Ball Bingo

30 Ball Bingo

Welcome to the fast lane of bingo.

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  • Fast and Furious 

Bingo players come in all shapes and sizes, so why shouldn't bingo games? Luckily for all those players looking to re-invent, re-shape and add a little razzmatazz to the world's most-loved social game, it's happening. Speed bingo is the latest gaming sensation to grip bingo rooms worldwide. 

A worldwide sensation in bingo gaming

Players are quite literally lining up to get in on the buzz. Speed bingo is the like the autobahn of bingo gaming. Until recently 75-ball bingo enjoyed that privilege, but no longer. This game uses cards comprising only 9 bingo numbers. 

It's way different

Typically a game of bingo - whether online or at ‘bricks and mortar' bingo halls, takes time to complete. 75-ball bingo features a standard 5 x 5 bingo card with the middle square ‘gifted' to players. Plus the letters B-I-N-G-O stand above each column.

90-ball bingo features strips of 6 bingo cards with 15 numbers a pop. In total, all 6 cards cover all 90 numbers. And now with 30-ball bingo - aka Speed Bingo - there's only a handful of numbers - 9 to be precise, in a 3x3 grid. 

It's fast and furious

The random number generator calls out 30 numbers and if your card fills up - Presto! You've won. There's a lot more bingo hustle in this game. This means more bingo games can be enjoyed every hour. Simply put, that means that players have more opportunities to score wins and grab the big jackpots. 

Players love it because it collapses game time and it provides high-energy levels of gaming. Add to that a rush of adrenaline, some fantastic prizes and it's clear why this game is rushing onto the bingo scene. 

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