Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack Tournaments

Play against others for more fun and big prizes.

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  • Multiplayer Blackjack and Blackjack Tournaments 
  • Multiplayer Blackjack and Regular Blackjack 
  • How to Play Multiplayer Blackjack 
  • Blackjack Tournament Strategy 
  • Scheduled Blackjack Tourneys 
  • Sit 'n' Go Tournaments 
  • Buy-ins, Bonuses and Prizes 
  • The Social Side of Blackjack 

Blackjack tournaments are starting to gain popularity, thanks in part to TV tournaments such as The World Series of Blackjack, the Ultimate Blackjack Tour and Celebrity Blackjack. 

Tournaments can be played in land-based or online casinos and can see some attractive prizes on offer. 

Multiplayer Blackjack and Blackjack Tournaments

Multiplayer Blackjack and blackjack tournaments are basically one and the same. Online multiplayer blackjack and online blackjack tournaments are both available in addition to the land-based game. 

Difference between Multiplayer Blackjack and regular Blackjack

Multiplayer Blackjack or blackjack tournaments differ from the regular game because they do not involve playing solely against the dealer. In the regular game, no matter how many people are sat around the table, all are playing against the dealer. In multiplayer games and blackjack tourneys, players play against each other and compete for the prize. 

Blackjack online tournaments can be played inmost online casinos and usually have a low buy-in. 

How to Play Multiplayer Blackjack

  • Once you have paid your tournament entry fee you are allocated a table of 4-6 players.
  • Players all start with the same number of chips (usually 1,000).
  • The top or top two players in each round move on to the next level.
  • Because you are not playing against the house but against other players, you need to keep an eye on your opponents, in particular how much they are betting. You need to aim to keep up with the general betting pattern otherwise you are at risk of falling behind and not qualifying.
  • Casinos vary, but generally tournaments are 20 - 30 hands.
  • Each round starts with even chips with no carry-over from previous rounds so the pressure starts afresh to get the chips in during each round.
  • Once a player loses all his or her chips they are eliminated.

Blackjack Tournament Strategy

  • Aim to take an early lead, this takes the pressure off during the rest of the game and gives you more options on future hands whilst still allowing you to keep ahead of the competition.
  • Blackjack tourney winners play aggressively and have set strategies. If you want to progress through the rounds you need to be brave and decisive. So go for broke - conservative play just doesn't hack it in Multi-play Blackjack.
  • If you fall behind in a tourney bite the bullet and make some big bets and good hands in order to play catch-up.
  • If you manage to get ahead you have a few more options. Don't bet recklessly, only play high stakes on great hands and when you really need to. If you are in the lead you can play conservatively and let others take the risks.

Scheduled Blackjack Tourneys

Online casinos post up schedules of tournaments. These games start and end at set times and you need to register and qualify to play. 

Sit 'n' Go Tournaments

These are special tourneys played by a limited number of participants within a specific time frame. They commence only when the preset number of participants are at the table. 

Games are marked up with a status indicating that players are needed and you can simply join those tables with spare places. 

Buy-ins, Bonuses and Prizes

Tournaments and multiplayer games all vary in their buy-in amount, House fees and prizes. There are also different rules in relation to the number of players, the number of hands per level and the number of levels. 

The Social Side of Blackjack

One of the reasons for the current popularity of Multiplayer Blackjack is the ability to bring out the social aspect of the game. Whilst traditional Blackjack is one-on-one against the dealer, multi player games can have you playing with your friends or result in you gaining new online playing buddies. Online Blackjack tourneys have the added advantage of involving international players. 

Many online casinos enable you to set up your own tables and the addition of the chat feature gives another enjoyable dimension to this form of Blackjack. 

Multiplayer Blackjack and Blackjack Tournaments give punters enhanced fun, thrills and stimulation at the Blackjack table. The buy-in is low but the prizes can be high. 

For a modern method of playing Blackjack, try your hand at a multiplayer game and join the growing number of Blackjack fans who have rediscovered their social side. 

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