Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker

Enjoy a higher payout percentage with four of a kind.

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Video poker is loaded with variety, entertainment and stunning jackpot prizes. In the spirit of super poker gaming is Bonus Poker. This exciting variant of the 5-card draw game is based on jacks or better. Except that Bonus Poker offers more than 99% returns when played with perfect strategy. 

Bonus Poker variations

Poker players can enjoy multiple versions of Bonus Poker. Each of them sports different bonus payouts for different types of four of a kind poker games. It is generally accepted that wild cards do not come into play in Bonus Poker games. 

Some variations of Bonus Poker include the following options: 

  • Double Double Bonus Poker
  • Double Bonus Poker
  • 8/5 Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker trivia

There is a significant gap in payoffs fora Royal Flush when players wager with 4 credits as opposed to 5 credits. In essence, the return is negative with the former. 

Some video poker games return in excess of 100% while other full-pay games offer winnings close to 100% in the long run. These stats assume perfect playing strategy. 

Bonus Poker paybacks

Variants of Bonus Poker have different payback percentages. The assumption is that 100% perfect strategic play is implemented and that the appropriate pay tables are in operation: 

8/5 Bonus Poker - above 99% payback 

Double Bonus Poker - above 100%payback 

Double Double Bonus video poker pays off even more for paired hands. In fact the DDB Poker game is itself an inflated version of the Double Bonus Video Poker game, which is itself a variation of Jacks or Better. 

Bonus Poker strategies

Poker players who know how to play Jacks or Better will find little standing in their way when it comes to Bonus Poker, as they are both quite similar. The most sensible advice to follow is the following: 

  • The fewer the number of cards needed for completion of a winning combination, the more the value of that combination is affected by changes in the pay tables
  • Understand the values of all the poker hands
  • Try using poker strategy cards - they are really helpful

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