Bonus Slots

Bonus Slots

Great fun and big prizes.

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  • Online Bonus Slots 
  • Worldwide Progressive Slots Bonuses 
  • Selecting Your Slots Machine 
  • Advice for Newbie Slots Players 
  • Bonus Slots Winning Combinations 
  • Types of Slots Bonus 

Slots are the most popular game in both land based and online casinos. They are simple to play, have lots of winning combinations and offer enticing bonuses and prizes. There are different types of bonus slot machines and many have fun or topical themes, giving them fresh appeal to a new generation.

Online Bonus Slots

Online Slots are incredibly popular. The game has lost none of its charm by transferring to the web and online slots machines have great sound effects and graphics as well as a massive choice in terms of games, themes and bonus prizes. 

Bonus slots are the easiest way to aim for a big cash prize. They don't require any particular knowledge of game rules or strategies and are available for a range of different value bets. 

Worldwide Progressive Slots Bonuses

Slots machines come with three, five or seven reels. Generally, the higher the number of reels the more winning combinations there are. 

You can play regular bonus slots or progressive bonus slots. Progressive slots have a bonus that grows each time someone plays a slot machine linked up to progressive jackpots. Online progressive slots are particularly exciting as there can be hundreds of linked machines with a global player base. Consequently the progressive jackpot can spiral into six figure bonuses, giving one lucky player a big win. 

Selecting Your Slots Machine

The key thing to remember when going for the jackpot is to choose the right slots machine. By this we mean that you should select the machine with: 

  • the right stake or coin size to suit your budget,
  • the best bonus offers,
  • the right type of bonus - are you winning free play, a prize, a standard bonus or a progressive jackpot?

The Most Important Piece of Advice for Newbie Slots Players

The single most important factor in nabbing the jackpot is to use Max Bet on whichever machine you use. Failure to do so could result in you getting a winning combination but missing out on the jackpot. Therefore, if you only have a small budget it is better to use the Max Bet on a low stake machine than a lower bet on a high stake machine. You are only eligible for the biggest slots bonuses and progressive jackpots if you play Max Bet. 

Bonus Slots Winning Combinations

All slots machines have a list of winning combinations. These show the specific symbols that need to be aligned in order win. Many machines also have wild symbols which can be used to represent any other symbol and can be included in a winning combination. 

Each slots machine has a table that lists the prize level for each winning slots combination. 

Types of Slots Bonus

There are two types of slots bonus games: 

Reel Based Bonuses - these have a bonus feature that pays out for set symbol combinations that trigger free spins, cascades, wild features and more. They are all based on standard play.
Non Reel Based Bonuses - these are more varied and can include a range of selections or 'picks'. Picks can include: 

  • Wheel of Fortune where a wheel is spun to identify the final prize.
  • Pick X of Y where you have a choice of boxes, bags, treasure chests and so on. You select X or Y to reveal your prize.
  • Pick Until Correct or Pick Until Pops where you can keep selecting different objects until you pick the 'booby' symbol which ends your selection. Pick this early on and, frustratingly, you lose your bonus.

Bonus slots is an exciting land based and online game. There is so much choice in terms of themes and bonuses so checkout the best online slots games as recommended by OCR to find the best games and the biggest bonuses. 

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