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Checkers is a straightforward, two player board game which is set up like two armies preparing for battle. The objective of the game is to remove all of your opponent's checkers or create the situation where it is impossible for him/her to make another move. 

How to play

The principles of the game online are exactly the same and you can play against the computer or another player. 

Each player begins with 12 checkers on their side of the board. When the game begins, you can only move your checkers forward. There are only two types of moves, that is, 'capturing moves' and 'non capturing moves'. A non capturing move is simply when you move one of your checkers forward diagonally whereas a capturing move is when you ‘jump' on one of your opponent's pieces and eliminate it from the board. However, this can only be done when then square behind that checker is vacant. 

You can only make multiple jumps in succession where you are capturing your opponent's checkers. 

According to the rule book, where you can make a capturing move, you are obligated do so. This is known as the 'forced capture rule'. Where you have more than one capturing move open to you, you can choose the one that suits your game plan the best. 


If you manage to get one of your checkers to the other side of the board, you are rewarded with another checker on top of that one. This checker is known at the 'king' and is now allowed to move backwards, jump in either direction or even in both directions in the same turn where he makes multiple jumps. 


First, at all times try to protect you back row so that your opponent doesn't get a king. Secondly, try to utilize the 'forced capture rule' against your opponent so that he is cornered into a position where he will lose two checkers for only one of your own. 

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