Chemin de Fer

Chemin de Fer

Cultured in France and enjoyed the world over.

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  • Chemin de Fer Trivia 
  • Chemin de Fer History 
  • Chemin de Fer Objective 
  • Chemin de Fer Strategy 
  • Chemin de Fer Croupier 
  • Chemin de Fer Wagers 
  • Chemin de Fer Hand Values 


Baccarat is a card game that is revered in both land-based and online casinos. It sports a variety of stylish bettors - usually from society's upper social strata. That's because Baccarat typically a high roller game with extraordinary winnings. 

Chemin de Fer Trivia

  • James Bond, the renowned M15 secret agent created by Sir Ian Fleming, is exceptionally fond of the game Chemin de Fer. In many of his films, 007 is seen enjoying this version of Baccarat.
  • Chemin de Fer makes use of six decks of cards.

Chemin de Fer History

This version of baccarat has come a long way since the 1830s when it first became popular in French casinos. Since that time, it has made its rounds all over the world. 

Chemin de Fer Objective

Chemin de Fer is about to placing awager on the winning hand. The point value of the winning hand is the closest value to and including 9, when compared to other hands. 

Chemin de Fer Strategy

There are several things playersshould know when they sit down to a game of Chemin de Fer: 

  • Select an online casino offering the best advantages and lowest commissions
  • Manage your bankroll and play a disciplined game
  • Know your odds
  • Avoid betting your winnings

All Baccarat punters wager amongst themselves. The punter acting as the banker places the largest bid and thus retains possession of the shoe. 

The banker places his/her bet on the table and assumes responsibility for all personal losses incurred, as well as collecting on winning banker hands. 

Cheminde Fer Croupier

The croupier acts as the casino's representative in the game, settles player bets and explains the rules. The croupier may also act as the bank in a particular hand and also allocates 1 player as a banker, rotating this position counter-clockwise. 

Chemin de Fer Wagers

The banker determines the wagers in each round. Other players then place wagers up to and including the amount of the banker's wager. If the combined wagers exceed the banker's wager then the banker may increase the bets, or the excess is removed in reverse order. 

Chemin de Fer Hand Values

The player with the highest individual bet usually represents the group of non-banker players. If either banker or player has an 8 or a 9, this is announced and the hands are turned face-up and compared. If an 8 or 9 is not displayed, then a player may take a 3rdcard. This is dealt face up.0-4 value cards are typically accepted while cards totaling 6 or 7 are usually rejected. 

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