Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers

A timeless and classic board game.

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Chinese Checkers is a classic board game for all ages with a long history and has made a successful transition to the online version. Chinese Checkers requires focus, critical thinking and an ability to plan ahead. 


Each player has ten marbles (or 'pegs') of one colour grouped together on the board. The objective is to be the first player to get them all over to the opposite side of the board. Marbles can be either moved into a neighboring space or can hop over another adjacent marble (either your own or your opponents'). You can only move one marble at a time unless you are jumping. 


You can either choose to play head to head with a computer or play against up to six other computer players. When you play online, Chinese Checkers you can simply choose how many players you want in your game. 

Winning strategies

Learning to play Chinese Checkers is no more difficult than say chess or online bingo. However, a few little tips will help you beat your opponents to the other side of the board. 

If you line up your marbles well, you can get one to jump all the way from one side of the board to the other. This makes fora very satisfying move and is guaranteed to leave your opponent's jaw hanging wide open in astonishment. 

You should also keep your eye open for opportunities to block your opponent. For example, it might actually be in your favour to not take a move as far as possible but stop half way if this means that you can frustrate your opponent's game plan. 

There is also a little science behind the opening move. The best players (or even the computer!) always begin a game by moving one of the marbles on the end of the front row. Finally, leave no marble behind! Stragglers will make your life difficult towards the end of a game. 

Chinese Checkers Trivia

Despite its name, Chinese Checkers did not actually originate from China. Rather, it was given this name in the United States to make it more exotic and appealing to the public!

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