Chuck a Luck

Chuck a Luck

The simple pleasures.

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Chuck A Luck is sometimes also known as Birdcage, due to the cage originally used to house the dice. It is a derivative of Sic-Bo, the Far Eastern dice game played with three dice. Chuck A Luck not only has roots in casinos and bars but also has carnival connections. 

It has origins with low spending gamblers, perhaps down on their luck, who 'chucked' the dice to try and make up some winnings. 

How to Play Chuck A Luck

Players bet on any number or combination of numbers from 1 to 6. Bets can be placed on one or more dice. 

Once the dice have been thrown players are paid out according to whether the numbers match any of their wagers. 

Chuck A Luck Odds

  • If a player's number comes up on one die they are paid at odds of 1-1 (evens).
  • If a player's number comes up on two dice they are paid at odds of 2-1.
  • If a player's number comes up on all three dice they are paid at odds of 3-1.

The above bets are standard with those that follow only being offered by some casinos. 

  • A Triple pays 30-1
  • A Big number (over 11) pays 1-1
  • A Small number (10 or lower) pays 1-1
  • A Field (outside the range of 8-12) pays 1-1

There are far fewer betting options on Chuck A Luck than on Sic Bo and other variants of the game. The highest odds available are also well below those of similar games. 

Differences - Chuck A Luck and Sic Bo

Chuck A Luck is similar to both Sic Bo and Grand Hazard. The only differences are in the board layout and available bets. 

Chuck A Luck is rarely played these days although it can be found in the odd land-based casino. More popular now is Sic Bo,and in particular online Sic Bo, which has attracted a new generation of fans. 

Old Games with a New Fan Base

Casino dice games may all have their roots firmly planted in the past but specific variants have transferred well both onto the net and to international and based casinos. Their simplicity is the key to their longevity plus the fact they are so simple to learn and are solely based on luck, not skill.

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