Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild

Instant 5 card draw video poker.

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Deuces Wild is among the most popular and exciting video poker variants available today. The game itself functions much the same as a typical video poker game - with some exciting differences.

History of Deuces Wild

Video poker, as players have come to define it, came into being when it became economical to combine television monitors and CPUs. That didn't happen until the mid-1970s.

Getting started

Five cards are dealt on the electronic video poker machine. In Deuces Wild players have the option of deciding which cards to keep and which ones to discard. In that sense, it's basically like 5 - card draw standard poker- but this game brings a whole lot more to the table.

Characteristics of Deuces Wild

As far as video poker games go,Deuces Wild is a wild card game. This means that the deuces are wild. Deuces are 2's and the addition of this element to the mix makes for really interesting gaming. The wild cards substitute for any and all other cards in the mix. The purpose of substituting 2's is to form better poker hands.

Deuces Wild payout possibilities

Poker players lucky enough to strike 4 of a kind (occurring on average every 15 hands) will note that this combination constitutes about one third of the payback percentage of the game. And with over 100% probability of returns (in theory at least) when played with perfect strategy, this game provides for massive winning possibilities.

Jackpot possibilities

Deuces Wild poker typically sports progressive jackpots. This is a prize that is constantly accumulating and the more coins wagered and the more pay-lines played, the greater the payouts are bound to be.


There are generally two types of Deuces Wild payout schedules that players can enjoy:

  • Full Pay Deuces Wild - offering over 100.7% payback on full pay machines
  • Not So Ugly Deuces Wild - offering over 99.7% payback on full pay machines

Strategy and Tips

Since Deuces Wild is all about leveraging the power of a poker hand with 2's being wild cards, it makes sense to follow this simple advice:

  • It's only a game so have fun
  • Never ever discard 2's
  • Never keep 2 pair as this prohibits the option of hitting 4 of a kind
  • Always retain a pair over a straight draw or a 4 card flush
  • Select your video poker machine well - if there isn't at least a 5-for-1 payout for 4 of a kind, find another machine.

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